Michigan Pedaler announces its First Annual Pedal 4 Charity Week

So for a small little company like us, this is pretty big news.

We’ve now been in business for a year! That’s an accomplishment.

We had a ton of fun and met so many cool people during our first year! That makes us happy.

We’ve always said that we want to make sure that we are engrained in the community and a part of it –not just someone hanging out and giving rides. That made us think.

So we asked ourselves: how can we say thank you to the many people who gave The Michigan Pedaler a chance over our first year of business, became advocates for our little company and told their friends about us and created such a fun adventure for us over our first year? What could we do? And is there a way we could help out others at the same time?

That’s when we devised and came up with a plan. For one week in April – to officially kickoff the season and our second summer of business – we’ll offer over 50 rides to local charities to use as a way for them to raise money for their organizations. It will be our way to “pay back” in a small way all the good will we’ve received from everyone who supported us in our first year while at the same time supporting many noble causes.

So from April 18-23, we’re going to be offering up to 10 rides each day where we’ll basically turn our bike over to the charity for their use to raise a few bucks to support their needs. The retail value of the rides is over $15,000 and we hope that charities will be able to raise as much as $20,000 combined when they come up with creative ways to market and sell the bike to their friends and donors. Online auctions, buy a seat plans, and raffles are all ways some groups will be using to raise money for their cause.

We hope those who rode our bike share this news with their favorite charities. While we can’t promise that everyone charity will receive a ride – and yes, some times are better than others – we hope we can find a way to help out as many as possible for them to raise some money.

Complete details about the plan, FAQ’s, and some fundraising ideas are included in this PDF you can download right here for Charity Weekend 2017.

To apply, you must complete the following application by March 15.


We can’t wait to welcome charities and their supporters on the bike for our First Annual #Pedal4Charity Week!

Pedal on!