Frequently Asked Questions – The Michigan Pedaler

Before Your Ride

Why? You can pick us for our good looks or our charming personality. We don’t really care which reason you choose us.

The Michigan Pedaler is considered “The Cadillac of Party Bikes,” manufactured by Atec Customs in the United States of America. We strongly believe in American-made products and thought the Motor City
deserved a bike made righ t here in the great U.S. of A.

We’re the safest party bike on the market – and we come with electric assist. If you are tired of pedaling and need a break, we do not have to crack the whip to get you guys moving – we just flick a switch and get you to where you need to go.

Finally, we want to make you experience as enjoyable as possible. From planning your event and getting your logistics determined, to pre-partying at Bookies, to your ride itself, we want you to be assured we are looking out for you to give you the best experience possible.

We offer you a lot of flexibility in choosing your route, bars and itinerary. We also offer a great deal of other options in addition to a standard pub crawl. We hope we can be a match for you when selecting a way to spend your hard-earned money on a fun afternoon or night with friends.

Gotcha Doctor. Let’s break it down for you. Choose the time you want to go on a tour. Pay with your credit card. Rest up. Show up at Bookies Bar and Grille at least 15-20 minutes before your tour on your scheduled day. Bring with you or sign the liability waiver and show us your photo ID. Then… Pedal. Laugh. Live.

Our bike accomodates up to 15 guests.  Ten pedalers. Four sit on a big back bench. One stands in our “Captain’s area.”  We would suggest having at least six people come together but due to our electric assist, we can always move you as needed.

No problem. Making tough decisions isn’t for everybody.  We’ll discuss with you the options and offer our own suggestions based on what you tell us you are looking for. The key thing is that you’ve made your reservation and the bike is yours for the scheduled time.

All  tours begin at Bookies Bar and Grille.  Bookies is located at 2208 Cass Avenue.  Bookies is located directly west of Comerica Park and just south of I-75.

That is your call.  You probably want to arrive 15-20 minutes early so we can get you ready to head out when it is time for your tour to start.

You can arrive early though and enjoy drink and food specials that Bookies offers exclusive to you, The Michigan Pedaler rider.

If it is nice outside (hopefully!), Bookies has a large rooftop patio.  You can also congregate inside at the bar or at tables on the first or third floor.  A second floor VIP room is also available with advanced reservations.  See details elsewhere on this website.

Bookies is offering guests of The Michigan Pedaler free parking when there is not an event.  You can park in the lot off Columbia Street that is located against their back wall.  

If there is an event going on, all the lots in the area will be open but charging for parking.  Some streets near Bookies allow for free parking. Other spots have meter parking (with a phone app available) to add time to your meter.  

We know that many people are coming to ride The Michigan Pedaler to consume alcohol before their tour, at stops during the tour, and afterwards at Bookies or another establishment. We want you to be safe and get home safely.

Consider UBER, LYFT, or a cab. The rates are reasonable, it saves you from paying for parking on event nights, and you end up not having to worry about your car.  

Expect to have a good time. So plan accordingly. This is a big night out with your friends. We’ll do the driving on the bike – why don’t you let Uber, Lyft or someone else get you home.

Bookies is located in a perfect location that makes for easy parking and easy access with a ton of cool stuff happening near it including the new hockey arena.  Its central location makes it easy for your tour to choose Downtown, Midtown or Corktown.

But your Michigan Pedaler experience is more than just the two hours on the bike.  It’s what you do before and after if you choose.  With Bookies, you have many cool choices.  Want to party outside on a big outdoor deck?  Prefer to gather around the bar on the first floor?  Want to bring your work team in early for lunch?  Big game on and want to catch the action before you leave?

Secondly, Bookies is offering Michigan Pedaler riders the chance to reserve their second floor VIP room which is great for exclusive parties of 10-50 people.  You can reserve it for up to 90 minutes before your scheduled departure.  This is first come-first serve subject to availability.  There is no charge for Michigan Pedaler guests to do so but a $100 deposit is taken when you reserve.  This amount is then applied to your food and drink bill.

Contact the bar to reserve.

Finally, Bookies offers Pedaler riders a great special that they can take advantage of both before and after their ride.  Four shots and a pitcher of domestic draft beer for $15!

Why not bookend your ride on the bike with fun before and after your ride at Bookies!

During Your Ride

The more the merrier. We have 5 bikes so you can rent all 5 for up to 75 people at a time.

All of our reservations are set up around time periods in 2 ½ hour intervals (10AM, 12:30, 3, 5:30 and 8) To rent two bikes, simply select two times near the same interval (for instance 7:50 and 8 or 8 and 8:10). If you are hoping to rent three bikes, select all three (7:50, 8, 8:10).

For 4 or 5 bikes, please contact us for details.

Pub Crawls are the most popular thing to do on the bike. All the pub crawls start at Bookies Bar and Grille. From there, you can choose from three different areas of the city you’d like to visit: Downtown, Midtown or Corktown. We’ll stop at probably three spots for you to rest up and grab a drink if you’d like. Two hours later, we’ll pedal back to Bookies.

Yes… bring your own food and drink but follow our rules – no glass allowed. Don’t bring food that is too messy. We have a built-in cooler for you to use. You can also bring your own coolers to put in the Captain area between the two sides of the bar. We also have storage bins on top for smaller items.

The Michigan Pedaler does not have a microwave or an oven. Don’t plan on cooking a turkey during your ride.

Yes, you are allowed to bring alcohol on board The Michigan Pedaler.  Raise a beer and toast your good fortune while riding through the city on The Michigan Pedaler!  You can use our cooler or bring your own to store your drinks in.  We do not permit glass on board (for safety reasons) so bring cans of beer (versus glass); bring wine in a container other than a glass bottle etc.   While you are on board The Michigan Pedaler, we encourage responsible consumption of alcohol.   Please note: you cannot bring alcohol into any bars or restaurants.  You cannot take your drinks out of any bar and onto the bike (state liquor rules).

For the most part, we ask you to use common sense. We are looking for a safe, enjoyable experience. If something is against the law, then you can’t do that on the bike. That sounds pretty logical right?

So we’re not real big into having a ton of rules. Let’s be smart and have fun too!

We do have two main rules that we ask you to follow:
NO GLASS. Period. So, no glass beer bottles. No wine bottles. No hard liquor bottles.

Secondly, no hard liquor bottles (glass or plastic). There are plenty of pre-made liquor drinks you can purchase. We also suggest pre-mixing a thermos if you wish. You’ll probably want to take a break and use the bathroom during your ride. That is the perfect time to stop in a bar and have a shot!

We don’t make a lot of rules but we think these two rules will make for a great experience – from start to finish.

No it’s not.  With a big group pedaling, you’ll have no problem moving the bike on your own. We’ve done it with just two people. But, The Michigan Pedaler comes complete with electric assist. We can “help” you pedal where you do some of the work and our battery does some of the lifting. Or if you are just worn out, we can do all the work.

Sure thing. Our battery can handle that too. If pedaling is not in the cards for you, you can simply relax and we’ll do the work for you too.  No extra charge!

Absolutely. The two hours that you have reserved on The Michigan Pedaler are for you to use however you want. We want you to have a great time while observing the few rules we have in place.

Most people choose to visit three bars over the course of two hours. If you aren’t “most people” you can pedal to the beat of your own drum. If you want to cruise around the city for all two hours, that’s cool. If you want to visit just one bar but stay there for an hour – fine by me. If you want to hit four bars, let’s do it.  In the end, we want you to say “I had a great time!”  

PS – And if you have manners you should also say “thank you.”

Yes, we have a kickin’ sound system on The Michigan Pedaler and are ready to get you into whatever mood you want. We can also play AM/FM stereo.  More importantly, we can let you select the songs by plugging in your phone, ipod or other device and accessing your music. Put together a playlist of your top music for the ride… or select a Pandora or Spotify station.

Is the Pope Catholic?  Does a bear…  

Let us provide a more politically correct answer.

Our drivers appreciate being recognized for exemplary service and like to be rewarded in the form of a cash tip.

It is your choice how much you wish to tip. Most guests choose to tip somewhere between 10% and 25% of the cost of your tour.  However, tipping is not required.  

Final Note: Our drivers are fun. They are cool. The like to have a good time. THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DRINK while on duty.  Please don’t offer the drivers drinks, buy them shots at a bar you visit or coax them into celebrating your good times. Their job is to make sure you have a good time – and a safe time.

Other Questions

Yes!  Reach out to us via email ( or phone (313.744.3272). We’d love to work with you on planning a corporate outing or event that works for you.

What a cool and unique birthday gift. You can buy a gift card in many denominations.  Buy the whole bike as a gift or simply an amount that can be applied to the rental.


Absolutely!  We’d love to welcome your family on our bike.  We have held many family outings and children’s birthday parties on the bike too.  While you hear most about our fun pub crawls, the two hours that you use the bike is totally up to you.  Some choose to stay on the bike for the full two hours and sight see.  We’ve had pizza parties on the bike.  We’ve stopped for coneys and kids have eaten them at Campus Maritius.  We’ve had ice cream runs and merry go rides all as part of the ride.  If you have an idea, we like to figure out how to make it work!

Booking The Michigan Pedaler is non-refundable.  Should you need to change the date or time of your booking, you may change the date and time up to 21 days before your ride for no extra charge.    We operate rain or snow, sun or sleet. In the case of extreme severe weather (tornado warnings, snow storms etc.) we may need to cancel your tour. If this happens, you may reschedule your tour for a later available date.  There are no refunds once a tour begins.  However, consider the elements as part of the fun and adventure – whether that requires sun screen, a rain poncho, or a scarf.  Our Pedalers let the good times roll – and sometimes the weather (even inclimate) plays a big part of the fun.

We operate year-round.  Winter offers a unique perspective riding Detroit’s Party Bike. If horse drawn carriages are all over Central Park in New York at Christmas, why not ride The Michigan Pedaler during the winter months?  A holiday pub crawl is a great way to ring in the holiday season.  

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