Debuting The Pedaler’s Blog

So the Michigan Pedaler has a blog? What the….?

Yeah, we started a blog on our website because we have a lot of news to always share with our friends or various things to celebrate and we wanted a place to store and share it.

Some things are bigger than a Facebook post or a 140 character note on Twitter. Some is information people like to come back and find at a later date.

While pictures are worth 1000 words and are great, sometimes there is a little bit more to tell or celebrate.

So we created this area to occasionally update it with news or information that people who are interested in The Michigan Pedaler might enjoy. Maybe we’ll share a ride of a cool event that we participated in or a ride that was extra special.

Come back and check us out often. Feel free to email us with ideas or suggestions of what we could fill this space with… we are always interested in hearing what our friends and fans have to say.

Pedal on!